Euro Knob

Ceramic Euro Drawer Knob, a classic and beautiful vintage dresser knob.  It would also be perfect as kitchen cabinet pulls.  Now available in three beautiful colors, light blue, creme, and dark teal.  Vintage look, quality made. 

Product Details

    • Style No. CE001
    • Ceramic, Metal
    • Approximately 1.7" diameter
    • Approximately 1.2" projection
    • Approximate bolt size 1.5"
    • Bolt can be trimmed to size
    • No additional hardware required
    • Tighten with care
    • Imported
    • Handmade
Light Blue
Dark Teal

Customer Reviews

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Separate Metal Plate Snags and Rotates

Not a fan. The lovely metal detail is entirely separate from the ceramic knob with no inset or notch to rest in. First this is frustrating because you have to align all of them and they don't quite stay which messes up the look. The bolt also projects into the interior withe the washers that are a pain to tighten.
But the real dealbreaker is that because the metal plate is so thin it bends and can snag on pretty much anything. Multiple skirts and sleeves with snaggs and runs they even managed to pull a thread from a pair of denim jeans. And on one memorable day while reaching for a cord under the dresser my hair got caught between the metal plate and the ceramic, ouch. I had already cut the posts to size and it was a while since the purchase that I finally got fed up enough to just swap them out, so no hope for a return.

Might work for a showpiece in a low traffic area. The ceramic has a nice weight and feel.

marjorie stone

Euro Knob

Kaylie W
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Great. Love it. One more word.

Great. Love it. One more word.

Item is great. Shop owners were kind and a...

Item is great. Shop owners were kind and attentive.