Our Story + Vision

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Why is it so hard to find affordable, beautiful home hardware? 

It all started with endless hours spent online searching for cabinet knobs.⁣

Co-Founder, Nicole, just wanted a quick-fix to make her home feel pretty again. With three young boys at home, mom-life was getting hard and the house was messy. Scrolling through Pinterest was a fun escape, maybe even the motivation needed to getting that designer home back together again. Knobs seemed like a totally do-able instant kitchen transformation - one that could be done in an afternoon. Quick and easy - Mom's you totally get me right?!⁣

Unfortunately - we quickly discovered, finding cute cabinet knobs is not easy. Home Depot wasn't cutting it. Was Anthropologie the only place that sells pretty knobs? We didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars.⁣

This not-so-little project search ended up turning into our family business. All the research, testing and time allowed us to put together a team of the best Artisians in-home cabinetry hardware. We only source high-quality, beautiful handmade dresser knobs, and as a husband-wife team, we ended up building a little shop out of our home.⁣

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When our home feels beautiful, we feel alive.

When our home feels beautiful, we feel alive, we can be our best selves, and in turn live our best lives. Sometimes the little details of your home bring the most joy. We take pride in this. ⁣⁣
A dream home is all about your personality, creating a space that reflects your style, a space that makes you happy! Colors, materials, textures, design - it all matters. ⁣⁣
It is our hope that you'll find a little something here in our store that✨ "sparks JOY"✨.⁣

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Our Process, Our Vision.

We source all of our hardware from the very best local Artisans, found in many different countries from around the world. We hand-check and pack each of the knobs ourselves to ensure quality products and happy customers.

We are a very small family run business and if you decide to order from us you won't be dealing with a large corporate company. You'll probably be getting emails directly from me (Nicole) and either myself or one of our two assistants will also be the one packing your knobs up as well. ⁣

It is our vision to bring a little bit of J-O-Y into as many homes as possible. It is also our goal to make sure all of our customers are happy - so if there are any issues with the order, ship time or quality of our hardware just email us. We'll be happy to help figure out a solution.


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How will you make your home Happy?  🤗








- Nicole + Kenji Salmoiraghi 
Co-Founders, Hooks and Knobs Home Hardware


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