What is your Return Policy?  

We want you to LOVE your purchase ❤️ , so if for some reason you are unhappy with your hooks or knobs please do get in touch.  Returns are accepted within 30 days of the delivery date, and returns sent within the time frame will be refunded in full minus the postage.  For more information, click here


The item I want is out of stock, when will it be available?

Items out of stock would normally be back in stock with 2-4 weeks.  Since COVID19 we have been experiencing extra-long delays with production and shipping which has pushed back our normal time frame. 

UPDATE: As of May 2020, back-ordered knobs tend to usually be back in stock within 6-12 weeks.  I know this is a long wait and we are as unhappy about this as you are.  We are trying our best to get back-ordered knobs (especially our best-sellers!) back in stock as soon as possible. We will update the listing as soon as we get more.  If you'd like to be notified on a knob back-ordered please let us know and we can send you an email as soon as it comes back into stock. 


I haven't gotten my shipment yet, when will it be shipped? ✈️ 

We know how important speedy shipping is and we try to get orders asap! If the items you ordered are in stock they should be shipped out within 3 business days. If your order hasn't shipped yet it might be back-ordered. 

If your item is back-ordered, we should be emailing you with more information soon - but if you haven't gotten an email, you can always also get in touch with us!  We welcome all questions and concerns and ask you to kindly reach out to us at info@hooksandknobs.com


What's the estimated shipping time?

Most orders will be wrapped, packed, and shipped out within 1-4 days of ordering.  You will get a shipment notice with a tracking number via email.  The tracking number will give you an idea of where your order is and how quickly it is moving to you.  If you are within the US it will usually take about a week to get to you once it is shipped out.  📬

International orders will likely take 15-45 days depending on where you live.  Since Covid19, there have been a lot of shipping delays, especially with international orders.  We have suspended shipping to certain countries that have been experiencing the most shipping issues and will resume service once things settle down and shipping times can be reduced. 

Also, as you may have seen in the news, there have been recent changes at USPS that are impacting delivery times.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as the postal service works through these issues.  




My package is stuck at one processing center for over 10 days, what can I do?  

We are very sorry about all the delays! I know how much you are looking forward to getting your package and we are as unhappy about the current delays as you are!   

Here's what we know so far - USPS has been having delays at certain processing centers, especially the main hubs (Chicago, LA, Miami). We have found that packages that get stuck there do eventually get to their final destination. We kindly ask that you wait a little longer if you can tell that your package has made some progress in getting to you.  

If it has not moved in 15 days let us known and we will see what we can do on our end to help resolve the problem.  Please email us at info@hooksandknobs.com



The package shows that it's been delivered, but I didn't get it, what do I do? 

What the heck!? 🤷‍♀️   We are not sure why the postman would mark it as delivered when it is not at the door but this has been happening a lot lately. I know this is annoying.  Please be patient and wait a few more days.  We have found that most customers will get their package within a day or two after a notice of delivery.  If you do not get your package within 4 business days after a "notice of delivery" please let us know and we'll see what we can do on our end to help. 



My knob broke can it be replaced?

If your knob broke during shipping, we will replace it at no charge 😁 , just send us a photo and your information/order number.  If your knob through normal use or when installing, and it happened within 30 days of your placing your order, we will be happy to ship you a replacement at no charge.  Send us a photo and email with a description of what happened and we can assist you.  


What if my knob broke and it's been longer than 30 days since my initial purchase?  

If your knob broke after 30 days of your purchase we do not do free replacements as stated in our Return Policy.  You can however try to fix it with epoxy glue.  Be sure to use the type of glue that matches the material (wood glue for wood knobs, high-quality epoxy for most everything else).



How do I install the knobs? 

1. Drill a hole

2. Put the knob into place and secure with provided fasteners (nut and washers). 

3. 👉🏻  Do not over-tighten, this will cause the knob to break

4. Trim the end of the screw as needed.  


The screws are too long, what can I do? 

The bolts are intentionally made long to accommodate a wide range of thicknesses, and can simply be cut to a custom length after the installation as shown in the attached photo.  To do this, you can use a simple pair of cutting pliers that you can get on Amazon or at any hardware store (or you may already have some).

Also good are wire strippers that have the holes for shearing bolts like in the link below.

Bolt Cutters - Amazon