June 12, 2019 2 min read

Coastal Design ~ it's like designing your home to make you feel like you're on vacation, and who doesn't love being on vacation?!  Think ocean blues, sandy warm sunny browns, and pops of bright turquoise.  Clean and comfy design that is airy and bright!  If you've got Coastal Design on your mind like I do, you are probably also thinking about decor details like drawer knobs. 

Here are a few of my favorite beachy cabinet knobs to check out.  

  • White Anchor Knob (top left) metal anchor knob, a beautiful knob for beachy-themed rooms! 
  • Turquoise Coastal Knob (top right) layers of turquoise blue with a lovely gold rim!
  • Beach Glass Knob in frosted turquoise (bottom right), feels like beach glass, looks like beach glass, it's the perfect beachy drawer pull!
  • Turquoise Sea Glass Knob  (bottom right) in clear blue and sea green (bottom right) a little vintage, a lot beachy.


  • Mother of Pearl Knob (top left) mother of pearl with a exquisite gold rim and fittings.  Elegant beachy. 
  • Blue Bubble Knob (top right) love the little glass bubbles, perfect for beachy rooms! Also available in clear!
  • Indian Sea Knob (bottom right), ocean-inspired sea blue design with gold accents. 
  • Glass Moon Drop Knobs  (bottom right) in clear blue and sea green (bottom right) a little vintage, a lot beachy.





mother of pearl knobs


So many great beach-themed drawer knob options, it's hard to decide! Are you going for a more coastal elegance, or relaxed beachy vacation vibe? Hope these knobs inspired you and gave you some fun ideas on a quick and easy beach-themed room upgrade!

See ya on vacation ~ 

Hooks and Knobs Design Team

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