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Anyone else all over coastal beach-themed design lately?  I seriously can't get enough of it.  Throw pillows with shades of ocean-blues, sun-bleached linens made of natural materials, sea-glass sun catchers and mother-of-pearl beach themed cabinet knobs.  All of this makes me so happy!

If you're anything like me, before getting started on any remodeling project, or room re-do, I need to be inspired.  Show me beautiful rooms 😍,  give me really cool ideas on how to incorporate the little details, and even better - make it easy and affordable so I can bust-out an entire room re-design this afternoon while the kids are at school (or at least get it started!).  Am I right?!

Okay - lets get into it already.  Get ready to be inspired! 


Top 8 Design Ideas for a Beach Themed Room

1. Bring in the Sea Glass!

Everyone loves sea glass! It's so easy to get and is free! You can find it at the beach if you are lucky enough to live near the ocean. And if not, just buy it online! Beautiful shades of blues, frosted whites, and sea-greens immediately make you feel like you're on vacation.  Scatter some on your bathroom sink or dresser.  Add some to a clear vase with a few simple green stems for an instant pretty upgrade.  Or grab a sea-glass mobile!  Sea-glass sun-catchers are a really simple and gorgeous way to bring some beachy-vibes into your home.  Check out these sun-catchers found on Etsy!


2. Ocean-themed Throw Pillows

Throw pillows in shades of indigo, turquoise, and aquamarine paird with some lovely blue glass vases are an inexpensive and easy way to create a beach themed room.  You can find these at places like TJ Maxx if you're on a budget and if you're willing to splurge, my personal favorite place for throw pillows is West Elm.  They have a ton of fun coastal design pillow cases.  

beach themed cabinet knobs

3. Mother of Pearl Drawer Knobs

Mother of pearl cabinet knobs oh how I love thee!  Seashell with gold finishings wrapped up in a tiny little, perfect knob.  What a beautiful and easy way to bring your beach-themed design full circle.  Our mother of pearl cabinet knobs are super popular so we're constantly adding to our collection.  Mother of pearl beach themed cabinet knobs are a simple and inexpensive way to complete that coastal designed room you've been working on.  It's all about the details!  

beach themed cabinet knobs 

4. Seashell and Starfish Drawer Pulls

Mother of pearl not your thing?  How about seashell cabinet knobs? Some fun seashell or starfish cabinet knobs might be the perfect solution you've been looking for.  This is beach-inspired taken literally and I love it!  Seashell knobs are so chic and beautiful.  They can really can become statement pieces in your room.  

5. New Paint

Ok, you knew that one was coming!  Splash on some paint! A statement wall, a ceiling or even paint an old dresser with a pretty shade of ocean-blue.  Painting a wall could be done in a day or so and wouldn't be too pricey.  I've personally painted bedrooms in a few hours while my kids were napping.  Talk about instant gratification.  A beautiful blue wall would be the perfect accent to a coastal inspired room design.  

coastal interior design

6. Bring in some Color!

I'm talking pale shades of sea-green, turquoise sky blue and maybe even some hints of dark indigo.  A little bit of color, a whole lot of fun!  Think about cozy throw blankets, large glazed turquoise pots for plants, and natural material light sky blue curtains.  So many options!  You never want to over do it with color though, so just add a few bold statement pieces and let the little details like the beach themed cabinet knobs pull the design together. 

 beach themed room

7. Ocean-inspired Art or Photography

Add a large framed piece of art inspired by the ocean or a large photo of a beach scene to bring insta-sunshine into your space.  This brings a huge splash of color into the room and helps to pull your beach-themed room together.   Beautiful artwork can be bought online for fairly inexpensive, look for modern watercolor pieces with lots of blue hues or if you're a pretty good photographer why not blow up one of the beach photos that you've taken?!  I took this shot from our hotel room with my iphone camera. 

A photo like this one would look wonderful with a nice mat board and professional frame.  I love Framebridge for getting your photos or artwork framed.  It's really easy to use, just upload your photo directly on your phone or on your computer.  You can also mail in your artwork.  Then you choose your layout, frame, and mat board.  In roughly 2-10 days you'll get a beautifully framed, ready to hang, piece of art.  Framebridge is very affordable and ranges from $39-$209 and has FREE shipping.  

beach themed room

8. Natural Fibers

Natural woven materials made of jute, sisal or sea grass like this lovely wicker hanging chair.  Imagine this on your back porch - talk about feeling like you're on vacation!  Natural fibers could also be woven into your room design through natural rugs, wicker baskets or lighting fixtures.  The warmth and outdoor feel that natural fibers can bring into a room really helps pull a beautiful room together.

beach themed design


There you have it, a quick and easy little list of inspiration for a beach themed room.  Beach themed cabinet knobs, a little bit of natural woven fibers in your furniture, and a splash of color on a wall or throw blanket.  Just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  Now get out there and start designing! 

OhHappyDay ! 
💙  Nicole 
Hooks and Knobs Designer 

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