August 08, 2018 2 min read

Subject: HELP! 
I loooove my new knobs but they don't seem to tighten enough.  I'm afraid they're going to break if I make them too tight.  They're not exactly straight and they don't look quite right.  Please help! 

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We get these kinds of notes ---> All. The. Time.  And yes, they will break if you tighten them too much because you are trying to get them to be straight.  Don't do it!

If you're not sure why your knobs don't look quite right, keep reading...  this post is for you. 

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Pre-Install:  Once you get your knobs make sure to be careful when opening.  A lot of the knobs are pretty fragile and are glass.  Open the packaging slowly and make sure that you don't loose or accidentally drop any pieces.  

There should be a clear washer that comes with the more fragile knobs (like the glass knobs).  Keep that on the side, and don't loose that piece.  You'll need it when you're ready to install.  All knobs also have metal washers that are equally important.  Unwrap all the knobs and set to the side. 

Step by Step - Installing Cabinet Knobs
1. Measure and drill holes (if needed) in your cabinets (or dressers). 
2. Put your knob into the hole and secure back with metal washer, then add the clear rubber washer and nut. Make sure not to over tighten, knobs may break.
3. Trim bolt with cutting pliers or trimmer as needed.  
4. Complete all knobs, one by one.

*Notes: Cutting pliers/trimmers can be found at most hardware stores, or on Amazon! 

. . . . . 

That's it, you're done! Woohoo! :)

Now sit back and admire your work.  What a big difference a little bit of beautiful hardware makes!  

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